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Adventure Tours in Costa Rica

Image of Costa Rica Adventure Travel.Costa Rica is namely a sparkling land by everything it offers to its tourists. Beauty, adventure and uniqueness are the best words to think of when it comes to this exquisite sophisticated Latin air corner of the world.

The largest part of this Central American corner is made of coastlines, enchanting its tourists with numerous activity options, among which would be surfing, sun-tanning and many others which help you take in its climate, embraced by relaxation.

Also, when you think of adventure tours in Costa Rica, you should consider the many wild jungles, where hundreds of more or less friendly creatures welcome you. You have monkeys, butterflies and insects, turtles, lizards, exotic birds in sight, but also, on the other hand, crocodiles or poison-dart frogs giving the jungles a special touch. Such amazing fauna could not be accompanied by national parks, one of the biggest and oldest being Nacional Santa Rosa, the sanctuary of Central American tropical dry forests and some rare animals.

What about Monteverde or Peninsula de Nicoya?

Your visits to Costa Rica must not end without visiting some incredible locations such as Monteverde, for instance. Monteverde is a very renowned and not very large community in the NW of Costa Rica, very close to Santa Elena, the road in between being lost in beauty such as butterfly gardens, art galleries, serpentariums or even cheese factories. These attractions should only be the appetizers, helping you make a decision.

Display of Costa Rica Adventure.

If Monteverde does not sound promising to you, you should not let go just yet. You should try Peninsula de Nicoya, a must in your adventure tour in Costa Rica. Situated in the NW of the Pacific Coast, this peninsula hosts some of the best beaches you may ever see. Also, you might be surprised of the wildlife there and the natural parks, such as Park Nacional Marina las Baulas Guanacaste, with its playa Grande and its rare leatherback turtles. A little bit of nightlife is also there for you, on Playa del Coco.

Looking for nightlife and a little bit of crazy?

Have you enjoyed your adventure tours in Costa Rica so far? Well, it is time for San José, a center of cosmopolitans, a place dominated by fast-foods, malls, office towers and attractive constructions, with a bit of an older touch and not the skyscraper style we tend to get used to nowadays. Also, you can enjoy museums, nightlife, theatres, cinema halls and a lot of exquisite restaurants here with Costa Rican specific.

It seems that Costa Rica can offer you anything, no matter what exactly you are looking for. In other words, it covers all kinds of beauty, no matter how peaceful, wild, cosmopolitan or rural you are. Just breathe in the Latin air and let it bring in any of the nature features characteristic to this area or the smell of the delicacies on the fancy terraces and restaurants in wild San José.