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Discover Macau’s Fabulous Casino Hotels

Is it any wonder that Macau is called the city with two faces? This beautiful Chinese city has all the charm of its centuries-old history with forbidding fortresses and spectacular churches right alongside the new city with its Las Vegas style entertainment center. Proclaimed the hottest new destination for international gambling, Macau is truly the Monte Carlo of China as it hosts the biggest and most exciting casino hotels in the world.

Macau Casino Hotels Pic.

For those with a bit of cash to spend, you can’t get better hospitality then you will find at the fabulous hotel casinos in Macau. Whether it is to have a fun time in the many places of entertainment or wandering the streets taking in the sights, you will always have a great time when you visit Macau and their fabulous collection of casino hotels.

Hotel Lisboa – For many this beautiful blending of traditional Chinese style with a modern luxury five star hotel has become to symbol of Macau. Wonder into its huge almost 200 thousand square foot casino any time night or day for non-stop fun. The hotel is owned by China’s legendary gambler Stanly Ho and it’s unique design in based on the shape of a birdcage. With luxuriously furnished suites and six world-class restaurants, this is one bird cage you may never want to escape.

Wynn Macau – Part of the world-famous Wynn Hotels, this is a great place for visitors from the west who want to get a bit of home while travelling in China. You can always count on top service and the best of everything when you are staying at a Wynn Hotel and the Wynn Macau is no exception to this rule. The word amongst seasoned gamblers is this is one hotel everyone should try, with its Las Vegas style casino and western-style hospitality.

Grand Emperor Hotel – If you want a truly opulent experience while visiting the many amazing hotel casinos in Macao you can’t miss the Grand Emperor Hotel. With a fabulous selection of nightclubs, bars and casinos to satisfy the biggest party animal, this is one hotel that truly stands out from the rest for sheer luxury. While in Macao don’t miss it’s Golden Pathway of 78 bars all composed of pure gold. It is a sight to behold.

Venetian Hotel – With the fourth largest building in the world and a giant half million square foot gambling casino main floor, this casino hotel in the fashionable Cotai district is filled with plenty of excitement. The flagship property has some of the largest selections of hotel facilities and attractions you will see anywhere. As one of the largest casino hotels in Asia this hotel has so many fun attractions and choices of gaming thrills to choose from you may even forget to return to your luxury suite to rest!

Pousada Marina Infante – If you love to get away from the hustle and bustle of the main city of Macao, this hotel casino on the beautiful Taipi Island is the place to go. Surrounded by the beautiful turquoise waters and white sand beaches, it is an exotic setting for a luxury get-away vacation of gambling, culture and relaxing in the sun in a beautiful exotic backdrop.