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South Pacific Travels

The South Pacific is a vast area that lies between Australia and South America, up to the Hawaiian Islands and South to New Zealand. A simplified description of Polynesia is that triangular area with its corners in Hawaii, Easter Island and down to New Zealand.

In this area of the world lies some of the most talked about south pacific travels destinations which include the

Kingdom of Tonga.
Easter Island
New Zealand
Samoa and

however, there are much smaller countries that are almost untouched by the outside world, where time stand still in the vast blue ocean of Polynesia, one such place is the Cook Islands.

Your south Pacific travels can take you to this chain of 15 small Jewel like islands that are scattered from the northern Hemisphere across the equator and into the southern hemisphere.

The Cook Islands are a beautiful array of low-lying carol atolls and volcanic peaks, whose capital is Rarotonga, lying on the tropic of Capricorn, and directly underneath the Hawaiian Islands.

The local inhabitants are Cook Islands Maoris, descendants from Tahiti with a mix of New Zealand Maori. Still evident today are the offspring from the days of the Mutiny on the Bounty whose progeny from the very Fletcher Christian and his Mutineers who overtook the HMAS Bounty and set Captain Bligh adrift with other crew. These mutineers then fled to the then unknown Pitcairn Island and upon reaching this destination they burnt the boat.

Also accompanying these mutineers were some male and female Polynesians, and so started the new population – as far away from civilization as you could get in those days of sea travel (Bounty (known to historians as HM Armed Vessel Bounty, popularly as HMAV Bounty, and to many simply as "The Bounty"), famous as the scene of the Mutiny on the Bounty on 28 April 1789). The Cook Islands are scattered over some 2 million square kilometers of the Pacific Ocean and is now just coming into recognition as one of the last South Pacific Travels destinations to open up to Tourism.

Kia Orana! (Translated as: May you live long!) This is the way we welcome you to the Cook Islands.
May this be the first of many warm welcomes you receive from the people of the Cook Islands.

See and spend time on Rarotonga, which is a volcanic Island only 32km around with an indigenous population of only 7000. A visit to the Cook Islands is not complete without seeing the beautiful island of Aitutaki, which is only a 40-minute flight from Rarotonga. Physically it is only 220 km from Rarotonga, and is a sparkling jewel in the Cook Islands chain of islands and measures only 20 km around.

The breathtaking allure of its crystal clear turquoise waters and sparkling white beaches is an essential ingredient in any Cook Island holiday. Aitutaki is a place of unsurpassed natural beauty and a look inside of how life once was, and should be again..

Although remote, both Rarotonga and Aitutaki can take care of all of your travel necessities.  In both of these locations, you will find accommodation from self catering and budget, up to the all inclusive, ultra luxury –complete with all you will needs to complete your vacation in complete opulence.


In the South Pacific the weather is tropical and warm, with only moderate temperature changes between seasons.  In the South Pacific the dry winter months between April and November, when temperatures are in the comfortable mid 20’s C (approx mid 70’s F).  From December to March is the wet season in the South Pacific, when like most tropical regions there many be heavier rainfall but often punctuated by brilliant  days full of sunshine and blue skies , this being so by the heaviest rain falling during the night and early mornings

Once you have made a visit to the Cook Islands you may be enticed to want to live here, or at least explore the lifestyle that is so layback here.

The beautiful islands of Rarotonga and Aitutaki have beach holiday houses and apartments, accommodation businesses, cafés and restaurants for sale. Yes, it is possible to relocate yourselves for either holiday or a more permanent lifestyle. You, your family and friends can enjoy paradise at a very reasonable price for many years ahead, so don’t delay in finding out a little more about the Cook Islands. There is a professional Realty Company  located on Rarotonga and the team at this leading agency can help you with all your needs, paperwork, legal requirements and any questions you may have. Visit them and see how easy it can be to have your own slice of Paradise.