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World Greatest Aquariums

Image of Worlds Largest Aquarium.The beauty of fish lifestyle in an aquarium is worth exploring no matter in which corner of the world you are. Thousands of species of fish, fish plants and decorations are waiting to be visited and admired all around the world, because comparing what you see is simply impossible, all being just as spectacular. Here are some recommendations on some of the world’s greatest aquariums, situated in each part of the world.

Big Ol’ Aquarium Osaka

One of the most spectacular freshwater aquariums unfolds its beauty in Osaka, Japan. Big Ol’ Aquarium is one of the largest such attractions. It covers 5400 cubic meters, which host five hundred eighty species of fish plants, tropical fish and underwater mammals, in other words, twenty-nine thousand tropical fishes and mammals and one thousand plants, exhibiting one hundred and ten species of plants.

Display of Oregon Coast Aquarium.America Underwater Aquarium

If you are in America, the Underwater Aquarium is a must. This aquarium is also not a saltwater aquarium, like most public such living monuments. Underwater Aquarium consists of four aquariums, two of which are freshwater ones and two contain freshwater only partially. Its one 1.2 million gallons of volume include more than eight thousand species of fish and other forms of underwater life. The aquarium is designed in the form of an acrylic tunnel surrounding tourists, while they visit the location on a mobile walkway. Minnesota is the central target of the freshwater compartment, hosting approximately one hundred thirty five local species of fish.

European Aquariums

Europe is very well represented in this field of interest, having incredible such attractions in every of its corners, Italy, the Netherlands and so on and so forth. Making a stop in Italy, Zoomarine is one of the most spectacular freshwater aquariums in the entire world. It comprises of thirty four hectares of natural beauty, fun and admirable habitat; exotic birds, mammals and tropical fish, all exceptionally taken care of by biologists and vets, maintained and exquisitely organized in what equals an imposing animal kingdom.

Underwater Observatory Marine Park Eliat

Image of Underwater Observatory Marine Park Eliat.Out last stop is in Eliat, Israel, at Coral World- the Underwater Observatory Marine Park Eliat, a magical place which hosts a tremendous variety of life forms, each part of the reef having its own fauna and vegetation inhabited by thousands of specimens of fish, mammals and organisms. Just like a little jungle, the complex comprises of forty aquariums, with rare animals and life environments, each having its own specificity.

The tropical fish are incredible from the point of view of their colours, sizes, forms and ways of living; from poisonous fish to rare fish, molluscs, sponges, invertebrates and corals. Moreover, the complex has a dark room, with flashlight fish. All of its characteristics have transformed it to one of the most renowned marine research centers in the entire world. All in all, we think you have been able to make an idea about what great opportunity marine life can offer and maybe you have not made up your mind about which aquarium in the world to visit, but we guarantee you that if you choose any of the famous aquariums in the world, you will not regret a single bit of it.